Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 25: Rest day in Abilene, KS

A welcome rest day in Abilene KS.

Slept in to 0800 today and then up for a little work cleaning the bike, chain, and drive chain components.
Breakfast at 0900 and off to the Dwight Eisenhower boyhood home, library and museum at 1000.

Ike's boyhood home built in the 1890s still standing on the original spot.

Unique in that the original furnishings still remain.

The Museum was very interesting; chronicling Ike's rise from a West Point grad to Supreme Commander of the European Forces during WWII, the presidency and return to private citizen.

Beautiful mural: Supreme Commander

 Ike was a Lt Col in 1941 and a 5 star General by 1944!! A meteoric rise in the ranks.

And the final resting place of Ike, Mame' and a young son that died at a young age.

'Champion of Peace'

'Place of Meditation'

Rest in Peace

Dinner tonight, a good night's sleep and a tough century tomorrow.
Talk to you later.

Tom & Michele

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Ken Corum said...

Glad to see that you enjoyed your Day Of Rest! By the time you read this you should be officially half way there! Congratulations!