Learn About Birth Choice

What is Birth Choice???

Being led by God, Birth Choice Health Clinics, offer medical services pertaining to education and support for family, marriage, sexual and reproductive health, consistent with the inherent value of every human life. 

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Birth Choice Health Clinics Save MANY-HUNDREDS of babies EACH YEAR :

  • Birth Choice sees over 10 THOUSAND Clients each year - FREE
  • 3 out of 4 people who see their baby on an ultrasound will choose life for their child!!! 
  • Birth Choice has HUNDREDS of local churches that partner. Each church supports in different ways: prayer, leadership, guidance and financial support.

Life Rider Tom with 'Little-N', A miracle of Life due to the Courage of his Mom!!!
Birth Choice is dedicated to the value of life as God intended, and wishes thru it's continuous support, to assist other young men and women to choose Life for their Children.

Can you please support Birth Choice in their efforts to support LIFE???