Donate to Birth Choice

God's Blessings to you for visiting this page and supporting the unborn through financial donations to Birth Choice Health Clinics via LifeRide2012. Birth Choice is a fully qualified 501-c-3 non-profit entity. Just to be clear, Michele and I are assuming the entire cost of the LifeRide2012 adventure. Any of your generous donations will go directly and entirely to Birth Choice Health Clinics.

To Donate via Credit Card or Electronic File Transfer:

Click the link below:

To Donate via Postal Mail:

1) Fill out a personal or corporate check in the amount you wish to donate to BIRTH CHOICE HEALTH CLINICS. Your funds are protected from abuse in the fact that the check is made out to BIRTH CHOICE HEALTH CLINICS and no other entity will be able to cash it.

2) On the note section of the check add the words: LifeRide2012

3) Send that completed check to the address below:

ATTN: LifeRiderTom
Birth Choice Headquarters
92 Argonaut   Suite 205
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

God Bless the Innocent Children and thank you so much for your support.