Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 27: Topeka KS to St Joseph MO

Getting ready to leave Topeka, KS

On our way

"Hey Toto....we're not in Kansas anymore."

 I've been waiting for a week to say that. Kansas is a wide state and we saw many interesting sights but today we crossed the might Missouri river and am now in the 'Show me' state. As we approached the Missouri river we crossed a couple the largest rivers that we have seen to date: obviously these were some major feeders to the Missouri so we knew something big was coming.

I think this one was called the Delaware....go figure

Today's ride was really not too difficult except that I could feel the effects of yesterday's climbing. There was a very nice high cirrus cloud layer that kept the temperatures comfortably in the 70s and low 80s. We rode 86 miles with about 2800 feet of climbing mostly on rollers. Today's rollers, in contrast to yesterday's, were only about a 2% grade (vs 4-6% yesterday) and as such you could practically push up them while still in the mental cruise mode and with a minor gear changes. That turned out to be a huge difference from yesterday and these rollers were not annoying at all. Just a fun day biking thru the beautiful countryside.

Finally reaching the Missouri river, they are building a new bridge and the old one is very narrow and somewhat dangerous for bikers since the trucks and cars will tend to squeeze you off to the side. So by advice of our tour director, as we crossed the Missouri river, we rode line abreast and/or took the entire eastbound lane thus preventing any overenthusiastic motorist from knocking us into the river.

The Kansas side of the bridge is essentially in Atchison, KS a major initial point of the Lewis and Clark expedition that started around 1802. Atchison was also the hub of the Atchison-Topeka Santa Fe Railroad which is now know as the Santa Fe trail which we road on in NM. Great history around here.  

New Amelia Earhart bridge on right

Mike K crossing the Missouri River

Crossing the Missouri River....finally into MO!!!

The 'Show Me' State. Our 7th State!!!!!

I quick stop at the SAG to refuel and off we went again to St Joseph. I thought this sign very appropriate at our SAG stop.

15 Minute Limit to Fill Up....OK, I can live with that.
The last 10 miles of the trip into St Joseph was thru the most beautiful residential area with old trees, sweeping turns in the roads and nice houses and neighborhood ball fields and parks. This was a real treat!!

Jessie James House - he was shot and killed here in 1882

Patee House - one of the finest hotels west of the Mississippi in 1858 and the headquarters of the Pony Express

Pony Express National Memorial

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LB said...

Wow, those sheltered neighborhood streets look beautiful! It baffles me that you have ridden all the way to MO...its just crazy, the awesome kind of crazy :)

Ken Corum said...

Over half way and all that climbing behind you... Must be all down hill from here! LOL


Tim Ross said...

Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”
John 7:37-39