Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 45: Syracuse to Little Falls NY

Hello again,
Well today's ride had its ups and downs but all in all was very nice. It apparently rained a little last night; the streets were wet in the morning but dried by the time we started. The forecast was for 30-50% chance of rain so I headed out to this sky with my rain jacket crammed into my rear jersey pockets.

Leaving the hotel to a smaller road

The departure sky at Syracuse NY this morning.

We have come to notice that when out on the road the shoulders by and large are not too bad but as we arrive in towns the condition of the roads take a significant downturn. We have selected NY as the state with the worst roads thus far in these little towns. Here is a photo of a section of Syracuse as we departed. The streets are full of cracks, potholes, uneven metal drain grates and other dangers to skinny little bike tires.

The pothole and crack filled streets of Syracuse. Not Good!!

Here is an interesting little building we came across today. The water is very stagnant and filled with moss or some other icky green growth. One sign even described this lake as 'eco-friendly'.  Anyway, someone came up with the brilliant idea of building a three person, 29 square foot, chapel in the middle of this lake that was used for a wedding.    Only the minister, bride and groom could fit and the guests floated in surrounding boats.  Go figure.

Some people have said 'I do' here.....I say 'No Way'!!

One of our riders suffer a mishap today when he became tangled up with the bike he was trailing. Their speed was luckily very slow as they were approaching an intersection. Unfortunately, the trailing rider went down hard and could not continue the ride.  He was later diagnosed with a broken pelvis and elbow and was moved to Syracuse for treatment.   We will miss him on the rest of the tour and pray he has a speedy recovery.  Cycling comes with risk and it only takes a moment of inattention and things can go wrong. Be careful out there.

As the skies darkened, we continued our ride to Little Falls hoping to get there before the rain. We got just a few sprinkles but nothing too serious. Thankfully, it actually rained ahead of us and then stopped before we arrived leaving us only wet streets to contend with.

We dodged the rain bullet....only wet streets remained after the storm.
Many of these little towns were formed in the 18th century and have historical plaques posted at the entry points. Not sure the name of this bridge or the river it spans but it caught my attention as particularly pretty.

Approaching Little Falls NY


Some pretty flower boxes in town on our way to lunch

Tomorrow is another short ride: 71 miles to Albany NY and then into Vermont the next day. The weather is calling for more 30-40% chance of showers for the next three days so we are not out of the woods yet. Guess I'll pack my rain jacket again tomorrow.

Take Care


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