Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 29: Chillicothe to Kirksville MO

Hello again to all the LR12 followers.

First of all I'd like to say thanks to you all who are following Life Ride 2012 and supporting our cause with prayers, well wishes and of course financially supporting Birth Choice Health Clinics in SoCal.
It is humbling to think that LR12 has raised over $6000 to support Birth Choice. Thank you all again and as I've said in in our tag line, we ARE 'saving the unborn..... one mile at a time'.

A second thank you for all that are sending comments to our posts. Michele and I really enjoy reading every comment each night. It is energizing and a way for us to stay connected to our friends back home while we are on this extended adventure. It is really strange to be in a different hotel room each night and this is going on for seven weeks. It must be even more crazy for Michele being totally removed from her habitat of home, tennis court and family; at least I have my total focus of eating, sleeping and riding....eating, sleeping and riding....repeat....repeat.

Special note to my co-workers: the daily cards are absolutely fantastic and we can't wait to open a new one each night. Thanks so much for being especially thoughtful and adding so much to our journey. My world is truly filled with kind and precious friends.

Well, today was a short 75 miles with about 3500 feet of climbing on MO rollers. These rollers however were more like the 2-4% type we encountered on the trip into St Joseph and as such this ride was not too difficult. We averaged 16 mph. There was occasional 11% roller thrown in for sport but these were not the norm and didn't really have any adverse effect on the total ride.

Here is Nick H. from the UK. He has toured all over the world on this bike.

Here is a string of riders taking on one of the hills today.

Our tour directors have set the starting times of the riders into two groups in order to help keep everyone a little closer together and easier to manage thru the day. The first group is called the early birds and the second group of about 7 riders (we call the rabbits) usually starts about 30 minutes later. Mike K and I are in the later group but our style is more like sure and steady rather than speedy rabbits. Let me tell you, there are 3-4 really strong (rabbit) riders on this tour and they can fly if they decide to. Using our style however, Mike and I usually catch the early birds in about 2 hours; somewhere near the first SAG stop and usually arrive at the hotel ahead of them by about 30-60 minutes. I think they stop at all the Dairy Queens and take more photos!! The staggered start works really well for the tour organizers.

Here is some of the early bird group today departing the first SAG at the 48 mile point. They've really formed a tight-knit group of friends and enjoy a special social side of touring.

More farms in this stretch of MO seemed to have large ponds or small lakes on the property near the house and I'm thinking they are just for sport swimming.

It does add a beautiful effect to the house.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great weekend and we'll post again after we arrive in Quincy, IL tomorrow afternoon.

Click here for details of today's ride:
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Unknown said...

Tom and Michelle,
This is Randy Hardy, and old classmate at Servite. I want you to know that I've been following your ride every day, and am simply amazed, and so appreciate all of the photos along the way. Our country is so beautiful, and you are doing an amazing work for humanity. God bless you both as you continue!

Randy Hardy - Snohomish, WA