Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 24: McPherson to Abilene KS

Hello Life Ride followers. Well, we are finally in Abilene, KS having ridden for 9 straight days. Tomorrow is a rest day!! Yippee!!!

Today, Mike and I decided to team up and ride with Larry who was feeling a bit sluggish after the 8 days of riding. A leisurely pace was in order for this relatively short 63 mile ride so we stayed together and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Not a tough ride except that the temperatures ended up in the mid to low 90s with humidity around 50-60%. Its difficult to keep cool in those conditions.

Mike K (L) and Larry on the road to Abilene

The nature of the surroundings have certainly changed. Gone are the Mega-Business cattle yards and 'industry' of west Texas and Oklahoma; now replaced with more of a family farm sense of organization. Many large fields had very nice homes on them with some cattle, barns, tractors and other farming equipment. The wheat harvest is in full swing and we are seeing more and more corn fields. Here is a picture of two machines that were working a wheat field. The first had some rotating paddle blades in front and I think was separating and harvesting the wheat and storing it internally and also was cutting and laying the stalks into rows.

The harvester (L) and the baler (R) working the wheat field

The second machine followed along the trails of stalks and scooped them up and then periodically would stop and wait for about 2 minutes and then the back end would pop open and out fell a roll of 'baled' hay. I stopped and watched this operation for about 10 minutes. This city boy was impressed.

We passed many fields that were completed and I really enjoyed the look of the cut crop and the random left-behind rolls of baled hay.

 Abilene KS is the home town of Dwight Eisenhower so tomorrow we are going to tour his library and some other local mansions. The following day is going to be a tough ride: 108 miles to Topeka KS with 5000 feet of climbing in this heat and humidity. Not too much fun I'm afraid......

Talk to you later.

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Tim Ross said...

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deut 31:8

Ken Corum said...

So Toto, this is what Kansas looks like! Tom, you seem to be relaxing some as time and miles go by. It is good to read your observations which are becoming more lengthy and informative. I'm enjoying your trip and sence that you are as well!