Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 32: Springfield to Champaign IL

Well today's blog entry will be short because 1) not much has changed and 2) I'm tired and going to take a nap and have dinner.

Re 1): I have reached the incredible conclusion that this is a very big country and that this very big country is filled with A LOT of corn fields. This is the only picture I took today and the entire ride looked similar to this.

Lots of very healthy looking corn in KS, MO and now IL.

I suspect the IN and OH will have a few corn fields also.

Re 2) After yesterday's good 109 mile ride I decided today to see if, and for how long, I could run with the real rabbits out of the starting block. All total there were about 8 of us that started behind the early birds at a 7:20 departure. The course started northbound but for the most part is was a due east run. The surface winds were from the NW to WNW at 10 building to 15 in the afternoon.

Anyway, I jumped into a pace line with the 5 strongest riders which included two from the tour staff that ride partial days and not every day. Needless to say they had strong legs. I hung with this group running around 16 to 17 mph when I decided that I was not having any fun. Besides putting out more energy that I was comfortable with at the early stages of an 87 mile ride, the concentration level required to safely stay in a pace line moving that fast was eliminating any real enjoyment of the ride. So at mile 25 I moved to the left and drifted back to complete the ride by myself. It turned out later that after 25 more miles and a stop at a Dairy Queen, that I linked up with Mike K and three of the original rabbit pack and we enjoyed a loose group ride for the remaining 35 miles to the hotel. The winds were favorable and the 87 mile ride took 5H 17min for an average of 16.5 mph.

Tomorrow is a REST DAY!!!! I for one am ready. The legs are a bit sore.

Talk to you soon.

Old State Capitol Building where Lincoln worked and gave his "House Divided Speech"

It was in this room that Lincoln gave his historic speech

Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site Memorial

Lincoln's Tomb inside the memorial.  Also buried across the room are his wife and 3 of his 4 sons

Taking break at sag stop for much needed turkey and cheese wraps

Getting ready to head back out for last 20 miles

A downwind run thru the cornfields of IL

Where in the USA is Tom today???  Resting in Champaign IL.

Click here to see details of today's ride:
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Melanie Harvey said...

Hi Tom and Michele!
I've been reading your blog and I think 1) you're crazy! And 2) what you're doing is awesome! It's for such a great cause and Bo and I definitely support you in your efforts! We wish you the best for the rest of the tour!

Ken Corum said...

Sigh... If you can't (or don't want to) run with the Big Dogs, go to Dairy Queen! I likey!

Enjoy your day off, have a Blizard for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom & Michelle
I admire your determination, leg strength and rear stamina. You deserve a rest day. Naps are good! HA!

God Bless you!!
Joanie Mayberry

Tim Ross said...

Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall.
Luke 11:17