Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 35 Crawfordsville to Indianapolis IN

Well, in order to get up to Kokomo and see my cousins, I left the hotel in Crawfordsville, solo, a little before 0700. It was very peaceful on the country roads. I heard a few roosters sounding a wake up call and many morning song birds, and of course a few unfortunate racoons that met their demise on those morning roads. I wonder why there are so many 'coons that we've seen as official roadkill? Do they fall asleep on the road or perhaps their just deaf or slow.
The sun was low so I couldn't resist taking this self portrait of the Hoosier boy along side the Hoosier corn.

I missed riding with other tour riders and it made me think about the end of the tour in two short weeks. I wonder how I'll feel out riding again with just my shadow? Time will tell.
The wind was a little bit out of the east which slowed me down a tad but I made the 46 mile trip about three hours arriving just 5 minutes ahead of Michele. A quick clean up and change of clothes in the rest room of the hotel and we were off to Kokomo.

We had a little time before meeting the family so of course we had lunch at the Cracker Barrel. When visiting in the past, we would always take my uncle to the CB which brought back many memories. He really liked to eat there. A bit of visiting some old sites: the house where my dad grew up.......

And the church where Mom and Dad were married, and my brother, sister and I were Baptized:

St Patrick's in Kokomo, IN

Well, it's been a long day and tomorrow we have a 90 miler to Richmond, IN.

Good night!


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LB said...

The corn photo is perfect! I can see the peace of the morning reflected in your shadow. The sentimental family visit must have been very special. Thanks for posting the photos. I don't know that I've ever seen Grandpa's childhood home nore the family church. Wow, it gives me warm fuzzies :) Don't worry, you won't have to ride solo at home (at least for the first 30 miles or so) because we've started practicing! Last weekend we rode 12 miles in about 5 hours worth of bike short hunting and flat tire diversions. You'd be so proud!

Sara said...

Hi Tom - I've been following along, I'm so impressed. It looks like you and Mrs. Massoth are having a blast. I loved seeing pictures and finding out a bit more of your past. I mean, you haven't always lived in good ole YL?