Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 23: Great Bend to McPherson, KS

Hello Life Ride followers. Hope your weekend is going as well as ours out here on the cross country tour. We've been waiting for the afternoon thunderstorms to rear up and bite us and today in the morning really looked like it might be the day. It was warm in the morning, in the upper 60s forecast to be in the mid 90s in the afternoon. On top of that, the air was obviously full of moisture so many riders were carrying rain gear of various sorts when they departed. It was a relatively short 65 mile ride completed in 3 Hr 52 minute as we watched the clouds all day. No rain today....yea!!!

Will there be thunderstorms today??? Certainly looked like it when we departed.

The crops of Kansas are changing as we move east....less wheat and more corn

More roaming cattle on today's route

A picture of a green tractor .....just like in the catchy country song

a harvested swatch of grain and bales

a train of fuel cars which was a unique site to see

Here is the special Kansas greeting on the door of the hotel today. I feel safe!!

Click here to see details of today's ride:
Day 23: Great Bend to McPherson, KS by xctom2012 at Garmin Connect - Details


Jennifer said...

Thank you for paying tribute to Jadon Aldean :-).

Tim Ross said...

He made darkness his canopy around him— the dark rain clouds of the sky.
2 Samuel 22:11-13