Saturday, May 5, 2012

Training Completed!!!!!

Hello Life Ride 2012 followers......

Well, it seemed like this day would never come; today I rode my last training ride in preparation of the LA to Boston Cross Country Life Ride which starts next weekend, May13th, 2012. I'm going to give the ol' bod the week off to be well rested.

Here is the summary of the training this year:

Number of Rides: 50
Total Miles: 2122
Total Time: ~ 143 Hours
Average Speed: ~15mph
Total Altitude Gained: 102,560 feet
 As you can see from the graph, I stuck with the plan pretty well, never taking too much time off and making an effort to include many hills in those miles to maximize the training benefit. Last year, when trying to decide to attempt the cross country ride, I talked to a few of the alumni riders from previous years. One rider said, 'the better shape you are in, the more you will enjoy the ride' and I took that to heart. I think I'm not too worried with my physical condition now....

But, the only thing that I'm really worried about is: my backside, my knees, my brain, the 100+ temps in the deserts, headwinds, flat tires, sneaky potholes, mountain climbs, tornadoes, lightning storms, ferocious bike-chasing dogs, traffic, cold, rain, and bugs: not in any particular order.
Oh well, I guess we'll just leave those things in His hands.

Stay tuned



Jennifer said...

Way to go, Dad!

Barbara Rojas said...

Don't forget the butt butter!!!

Douglas Barritt said...

Good luck Tom. Your next door neighbors are rooting for you.

Doug and Susan

Ken said...

Think COOL!

Ken Corum