Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 13: Grants to Albuquerque

 Hello Life Ride followers.

Just a quick picture to let you know what puncture-causing 'wires' are really about. Last night after dinner, we came back to our room to discover my front tire to be a little soft. A quick deconstruction and exam found the pesky culprit. Apparently I had been riding on this for a while on Day 12. This one that was a direct vertical hit on the center of the tire and just made it past the tire liners. I'm still claiming 'zero' flats!!! Thanks Jim L.!!

Pesky little wires are no match for our skinny high-pressure tires

Today was even better than yesterday!! The roads, temperatures and following winds were all just about perfect. I got started a little bit early to accommodate a 1030 [0930 (PDT)] scheduled live interview with a California radio station wanting to know more about Life Ride 2012. I wanted to be at the second SAG stop in a quite place at 1030 so I asked permission from our tour leaders to depart at 0700. That would give me 3.5 hours to cover about 60 miles which should be plenty for one quick SAG stop and even a little time to stop to change a flat tire if that occurred.

Well the trip eastbound on the old Route 66 was smooth and fast and just delightful. The scenery was fantastically open with red rocks and mesas on the horizon. The depressed state however of many old buildings along R66 was sad.

Spectacular Openness!!!

I40 eastbound

Once-Proud Dwellings

Red Rocks along R66


Even when we moved onto Interstate 40, the shoulders were wide and smooth with relatively little debris.  The strong following winds virtually eliminates wind noise so all you can hear is the buzzing of your tires on the road. Even with the passing cars and trucks, this made the journey very quiet and enjoyable.

I reached the second SAG in only 2 Hr 36 minutes, averaging about 22 mph thus far. Mike F showed up only 5 minutes later.
Not wanting to wait around for 45 minutes for the scheduled call we decided to push up the 5 mile climb up I40. Once again there was about 6 miles of I40 eastbound closed for construction and the detour on the 'shared' lanes of westbound I40 looked dangerously slim. Never wanting to ask the question you really don't want answered, Mike proceeded to ride on the closed EB I40. Fortunately, the construction crew seemed at least tolerant and actually a bit amused as we pushed up the grade. They just went about their business and so did we.

Mike and Tom's personal bike trail

This is how you build an Interstate

Unfortunately, the radio station called at this point and said they were having technical difficulties so our on-air on-the-road interview will be postponed for a few days. Oh well, I tried.

After rejoining the now open EB and once-again divided lanes of I40 we continued a fast pace downhill into Albuquerque, crossed the Rio Grand and arrived at the hotel at 11:15.

Crossing the Rio Grande River, Albuquerque, NM
I averaged just about 21 mph for the entire trip even considering the stop lights thru the city. I have not asked Mike F. but he is a very strong rider and having started with the `rabbit`crowd at about 0730 I suspect he average about 24-25 mph. Amazing rider!!

That's all for now...time for a nap before tonight's 'route-rap' detailing tomorrow's ride to Santa Fe.
Michele is out walking so I'm sure she will have some pictures or thoughts when she returns. Tom

I'm back with some pictures capturing the homey flavor of Old Town Albuquerque.  -Michele


 Click here to see details of today's ride. Note: Ignore heart rate data....the monitor was acting up again today.
Day 13: Grants to Albuquerque by xctom2012 at Garmin Connect - Details


Jim said...

I happy to hear the tire liners are doing their job! Why waste time beside the road repairing tubes if you don't have to.

Stay safe.

Kbalmforth said...

Go Tom! We status your progress every Monday morning in staff meeting. Everything is fine here at work. FYI - demo integration is ahead of schedule, and everyone is in good spirits. Glad you made it over the big Divide. Ride hard, and be safe (to coin a Doug-ism)!

Tim Ross said...

the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:11

Ken Corum said...

Tom, It's great to see your spirits rising! I know that you were very concerned about week 1 and it's fabulous to see you now enjoying your journey!


Mark said...

We are just so happy for you and Michele; it is wonderful to read that you are enjoying the countryside. Hi to MIchele - she looks like she is having a great time. Mark, Lupita and the boys Tommy H and Jon Paul.

mark said...

oops - tommy joe (not H)