Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 14: Albuquerque to Santa Fe, NM


Today was kind of a grinder day, although the scenery was very beautiful. Different from the lower desert, this mountain route is covered with green trees and interesting bushes and plants most I did not recognize. We departed Albuquerque with a definite sight and smell of smoke and brush fire in the air so that had many of us coughing as we made the departure climb.

Today's ride was only 67.4 miles but involved about 5000' of vertical climbing with two summits at 7000' above sea level.  

Road side ruins

Finally the 7000' summit and the blessed 'Truck-on-Cheese' sign

Train tracks to the horizon.....

 Tomorrow is a rest day and my 'bum' is really glad for that. Out for dinner now and a good nights sleep.  Tom


 The little mountain town of Madrid on the way to Santa Fe was an interesting place with a lot of personality.  Some shops were very warm, cultural and entertaining.


                                       Other shops were very unique and eclectic.


                      In any event, a relaxing place to grab an ice cream cone. -Michele

Click here to see details of today's ride. Once again, the heart monitor acted up in the beginning and after our rest stop. Not to worry.....
Day 14: Albuquerque to Santa Fe, NM by xctom2012 at Garmin Connect - Details

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