Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 12: Gallup, NM to Grants, NM


Well today we crossed the continental divide, that defined 'place' in the mountains where water that falls east flows to the east and water that falls west flows to the west. Since we had no rain, and the tour leader warned the men not to test the definition....I guess we have to trust the geologists that this was the place :).

This ride was relatively easy with some modest climbing the first 30 miles to the divide. Unfortunately we had to ride on a stretch of I40 that was really bumpy, narrow and filled with debris. Awful, filling-removal type of bumpy. Very hard on the hands and 'bum'.

After the divide, we were blessed with perhaps the best 25 miles I've ever ridden. Slightly down hill on the old Route 66. The road in perfect condition, little traffic and a nice 10-15 mph wind at our backs. Really really fun to sit back and watch the beautiful countryside pass by at 23mph thinking about what this must have been before the iron horse, then in the hey days of the R66 and the 50s. At mile 50 our route turned to the South so the following wind turned to a cross wind which was very  gusty and difficult to handle in places. I even clipped out my right foot during one gust episode in anticipation of a planned stop/fall to the right. Thankfully, that was avoided and after a quick stop at a Dairy Queen for some fuel we finished this 68 mile ride in 3Hr and 50min for an average of 17.8 mph. God Bless those tail winds.

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Tim Ross said...

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10 NIV

Ken Corum said...

Dairy Queen! 'Nuff said!