Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 10: Flagstaff to Holbrook

 Today started out downhill from Flagstaff so the first 40 miles was pretty fast. Then after Winslow a slight climb plus some headwinds and a slight climb made the last 35 miles a chore.

The grief word of the day however was 'FLATS'. It was unbelievable how many riders had flats due to the debris along I40. Most flats came as a result of the really fine wires that come apart from blown radial tires. One of our rides had 5, another few had 3 or 4. Yours truly is having a technical discussion with the other riders as to the definition of a flat. I have been lucky so far this tour with 'zero' flats, mostly due to luck but I also attribute my Armadillo tires and Mr Tuffy tire liners. Go ahead and laugh, but I think the Mr Tuffy tire liners have prevented those pesky wires from reaching my inner tubes. Anyway, I stopped to assist another rider with a flat about 10 miles from the finish line today. After helping him get ready to roll again I notice my rear tire seem soft but not flat. We inspected for wires and having found none, we pumped it up to about 100 psi and heading for the hotel. I made it to the hotel with a very very soft rear tire but I'm holding to my claim that this did not qualify as a flat just a slow leak.  My record of zero flats is still in tact!!

I replaced the inner tube, that did have a really tiny hole, before dinner so I'm ready to go tomorrow.

Another 90 miler tomorrow in the heat and along I40 so I'll say goodnight for now.


Lots of historic landmarks along Route 66


Two Arrows

The song lyrics sung by Eagles made this corner famous

Heading out of Winslow



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Duane said...

Tom, I'm really enjoying following along with you. Keep rolling with no flats. Duane