Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One (Month) Down.... Three and a Half to Go!!!

Hello followers of Life Ride 2012. Thanks for checking in again on this last day of January.

Today was my last training ride of January; a quick 27 mile ride up and down the Anaheim Hills area near where I work. I was very happy with this ride since I shaved 7 minutes from my previous best on this course. The 10% climbs hurt a little bit but I'm getting stronger and the recovery is faster. These hills are great for training because there are many different routes to take, all with some significant climbing and good views. Hope this all pays off when we climb up to Flagstaff AZ in just a few short months!

My goal for January was to log about 300 miles but the weather here in So Cal was very cooperative and I was able to get in 508 miles with over 25,000 feet of vertical climbing in those miles. Here is the plot of my planned vs. actual training miles leading up to the beginning of the tour.


Total miles isn't the only indication of good training but I'm trying to include some good climbing in each ride or at least some fast interval and speed work if it is a flatter course.

Anyway, I hope your new year is going well with all your resolutions still on track.

Keep praying for our little ones.


Life Rider Tom

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LB said...

Congrats! I love the chart...its good for the engineering mind :) Does that mean we can blame no snow for our ski trip on your need for good weather? :)