Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On-Line Donations Now Available

Well, it took a little time but we finally worked out the logistics to enable online credit card donations directly to Birth Choice Health Clinics.

Life Ride 2012 has three principal goals relating to the Right to Life for the unborn. First, to increase AWARENESS of the totally unacceptable number of abortions in the country: 4000 per day! Second, to energize our most powerful weapon against these atrocities and that is daily PRAYER for the unborn. And third, of course, any organization such as Birth Choice requires funds to keep the doors open.

Hopefully the addition of on-line donations will make our fundraising efforts more simple and effective.

The online option can be accessed by clicking the red donate button on the lower-left side of the home page or by entering the 'Donate to Birth Choice' page on the pages banner.

In any event, thanks for your continued support of Life Ride 2012. I will soon be adding a 'Training' page where I'll be posting some statistics on how the training rides are going. So far this year I have logged a little over 200 miles that includes thousands of feet of climbing in the hills of southern California.  Those days in May climbing up to Flagstaff Arizona out of the Colorado River basin will be very tough but I'm determined to be ready.



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