Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rider List Received

Many of you have asked about the other cyclists on the ride and we now have the list.    It is amazing the variety of locations which the 22 coast to coast cyclists are from!  Only two are from CA.  The others are scattered around from OH, CT, TN, NM, NJ, FL PA, MO, TX, NY, CO, MI, two are from Great Britain and two are from Canada.  There are three husband and wife teams one of which is riding a tandem bike.  The ages range from 48 to 70 years.    There are also seven cyclists riding part of the trip instead of the entire coast to coast.  It sounds like a nice group and we are looking forward to meeting everyone. -Michele

No more riding for a couple of days since I dropped the bike at the shop yesterday for a safety inspection and overhaul. - Tom

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Jennifer said...

Nice update, Mom! Can't wait to hear more from you :-).