Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lake Matthews Mid Term Test: Grade = B+

Hello Life Ride Followers.....

Well the flu has passed but has taken its toll. I was pretty wiped out for about a week and really didn't feel like riding at all. Actually, I questioned my ability to do the cross country ride at all.....I just thought it impossible given how I felt emotionally and how weak physically.  The week after the flu, I rode a couple of 30 milers at moderate pace to just see how the ol' bod held together. The pace was OK but I could tell the hard-earned stamina was gone.

Anyway, on Saturday morning 24 March, 9 days after the flu, I decided to take on one of my favorite training rides up to Lake Matthews just to see how the recovery was going. I set in my mind a goal of survival: just getting up and back to the Lake Matthews dam since that 40 miles round trip had alot of climbing. The first 25 miles had about 2500 feet of vertical climbing so just getting there would be a good test. The Wx was a little cold but cooperated and we didn't get any rain to speak of...just a little drizzle in the beginning.

At the start, I really was hurting mentally. It usually takes me a good 10 miles to get warmed up and this ride starts climbing a little right from the get-go so things were difficult especially after the flu. After getting up past Green River (a short 8-10% climb) and then up the 1.5 mile 6% Green River Hill, I started feeling better and better. I felt pretty strong and pushed with good pace through the hills of Corona and up the 3 mile 6-8% climb up to the dam. I'm told that fishing is not allowed in this lake so the fish get pretty big. It is fun to sit and watch those guys swim around as I munch a power bar and get ready for the return trip.

Flying down the grade is fun but a little scary since there isn't alot of room between my little bike and those big gravel trucks!!

At the end of the ride I was very surprised to see on my Garmin that I beat my best time on this ride by over 2 minutes!! I guess training is paying off despite the flu!

Hope you are all feeling the energy and life of springtime and Easter. On the bike trail next to the river I've noticed that the ducks are starting to pair-up and there are many insects and other critters starting to show their stuff. It won't be long before there are many little baby ducks and birds to watch in wonder.

I'm planning a 60-80-60 mile test on three consecutive days soon to see how I hold up on back-to-back-to-back riding days. Keep your fingers crossed. That should be interesting at least and maybe a bit  painful (sore backside :) ).

Take Care


Click below for details of the ride to Lake Matthews from my GPS:  Enjoy....

Lake Matthews Mid Term by xctom2012 at Garmin Connect - Details

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